Mu Online L33T H4X                                              

This site contains the Mu Vault Blaster and Character Stat Editor exploits. These exploits allow you to create any item and blast it directly into your vault or edit any of your characters stats. These exploits only work on private servers. It DOES NOT work on Global. I hope you find this site useful... anyway, have fun hacking. :D


Used for generating Hex Code for items. You add the items with any option and skill on to the squares to the left and then click Make to generate the code. After that, you copy the code and paste it on the Vault Blaster page below.


*NOTE: All items from your vault will be erased when blasting, make sure you move wanted items into your inventory.*

This is where you blast the items which you generated the code for in ItemProject into your vault. You enter your Account Name, the Server IP, which you can usually find from the server home page or the launcher included with the client. You also need the data port. If the default port doesn't work, then you will need to download Advanced Port Scanner and scan the Server IP for open ports, you will then guess out of the open ports which one is the data port. If you are unable to scan the server for open ports, that means the server is behind a firewall and you will have to guess the data port.


*NOTE: All items from your inventory and character will be erased when using this. Make sure you move wanted items into your vault.*

You can use this to edit any of the stats for your character like Strength, Vitality, Level etc. You need to enter your Character Name, the Server IP, Data Port, and the required stats you want. Use the methods above to find the Server IP and find open ports.


Port Scanning Application, use to find open ports.

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